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Visual Designer

︎︎︎ Alan Enriquez, also known as "ajea" (an abbreviation of my full name), is a visual and interaction designer with a strong emphasis on creating visual identities, graphics, user experiences, publications, and various other printed and digital materials. He is based in Seattle, WA, and is currently freelancing.

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*Disclaimer* specific information and aspects of this internship are currently ongoing and concealed under NDA and cannot be showcased.


Project Details:


Nike Inc. Concept Graphics

Summer (2022)

Role: Graphics & Concepts Intern

Tools: Adobe Creative, Screen print 

Guided by: Blue Ribbon Studio Team
During my internship at Nike and Jordan Brand, I brought to life their profound philosophy by creating visual designs that embody their commitment to pushing boundaries. Working within the Jordan and Nike Design teams, I honed my skills alongside artists, inventors, and specialists, striving to elevate the athlete experience. Beyond design, I conducted meticulous consumer research, collaborated with cross-functional teams, and created hyperlocal products, all while maintaining a keen understanding of brand history and trends. My role encompassed every aspect of the design process, from concept ideation to timely project completion, driven by a passion for innovation and storytelling and enabled by strong communication and organizational skills. My journey was marked by a relentless commitment to excellence and a deep passion for storytelling through design.

Design Process:

Design Process:

Nike Blue Ribbon Studio (BRS)

I had the unique opportunity to explore both Jordan Brand and Nike's design processes. These two entities, while distinct, share the same corporate umbrella. As a Jordan Brand Intern, I delved into the world of high-level design sophistication, while as a Nike Intern, I worked under the guidance of the Nike Blue Ribbon design team, a creative hub where Nike's design innovators recharge and push their imaginations to the limits. I took the initiative to learn from the diverse designers present, immersing myself in their design philosophies, which significantly contributed to my growth as an aspiring designer, providing a comprehensive perspective on athletic and lifestyle design.

Inspiration and Exploration

In the design process, I actively immersed myself in Nike's design ethos, drawing inspiration from the talented designers around me. I began a journey of conceptualization and exploration, pushing the boundaries of creativity. To bring my ideas to life, I harnessed the cutting-edge tools and resources at my disposal, such as Nike Blue Ribbon's 3D printers, screen printing presses, laser cutters, and dip dye stations. These innovative tools enabled me to experiment with diverse graphic design elements, from intricate and detailed illustrations to bold and abstract concepts, ultimately contributing to the creation of a variety of graphics for Nike Sportswear Apparel.

Nike Sportswear Graphic Tees


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