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Visual Designer

︎︎︎ Alan Enriquez, also known as "ajea" (an abbreviation of my full name), is a visual and interaction designer with a strong emphasis on creating visual identities, graphics, user experiences, publications, and various other printed and digital materials. He is based in Seattle, WA, and is currently freelancing.

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Project Details:


In Real Life Visual System

Spring (2021)

Role: Visual Direction, Branding, Photo Editing, Illustration

Tools: Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

Team: Vera Drapers, Sophie Kim

The pervasive impact of social media has reshaped societal norms, promoting unattainable ideals that affect mental health. The quest for a flawless digital facade has led to a surge in depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. The need to counter these harmful standards is evident, driving the creation of the IRL conference, a platform aiming to restore authenticity and self-love. This conference emerges as a response to the urgent need for recalibrating perceptions of beauty and normalcy dictated by social media, marking a pivotal step in the journey toward healing.

Design Process:

Design Process:

Inspiration and Problem Identification

The IRL conference is a beacon of hope, rooted in an understanding of the intersection between social media, mental well-being, and body positivity. Through interactive sessions, discussions, and workshops, it champions self-worth and challenges damaging beauty norms, drawing inspiration from Instagram's grid to redefine digital perfection. This transformative endeavor invites individuals to embrace their authenticity and join a community committed to reshaping norms and fostering a more genuine future, ultimately sparking a positive ripple effect in society.

Empowering Transformation

Our design process centers around a dedicated focus on our primary audience: those aged 15 to 30, profoundly affected by the prevalence of social media. This demographic represents the core of our mission, characterized by a Bold, Unapologetic, and Celebratory approach. Through bold text, unapologetic copy, and authentic photography, we emphasize self-acceptance and invite our audience to reclaim their narratives from digital confines on a transformative journey of self-discovery, ultimately reshaping the landscape of online engagement.

Design Process:

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