Aston Martin

Brand Identity 
Winter 2021– 5 weeks
Under the guidance of Steven Watson
For the elegant, high-life, affluent consumer, Aston Martin is the iconic British automobile that lets you add a personal touch of sculptural art to your estate and exclusivity. Through hand-crafted sports cars that combine exhilarating power, unrivaled beauty, and soul to leave a long-lasting impression wherever you go.

This rebrand aims to renovate Aston Martin branding to appeal to a broader consumer base in the evolving media landscape and high-net-worth demographics while conserving the Aston Martin heritage. The goal is to be seen as a more modern and versatile manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers. This is achieved by a refined and sophisticated logo, color palette, new posters, and more.

Original Logo

Final Logo Posters



Racing Suit

Formula 1

Brand Guidelines

Project Details

Aston Martin
Steven Watson (Creative Director @ Turnstyle)

Branding, Illustration, Layout, Interface

Figma, Illustrator, After Effects,

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Logo Identity
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Brand Guidelines